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ABCC Wings
The North Wing:

1- The main hall can accommodate up to 150 people.

2- This wing consists of four buildings with a capacity of 123 beds.

3-The lecture/ meeting hall is air-conditioned and heated as needed and can accommodate up to 70 people.

4-Enjoy our spectacular Gift and Bookstore.

5- All the rooms and halls in this wing are air conditioned during the summer and heated during cold weather.

6- Be inspired by the panoramic view from the North Wing. 

The North Wing
The South Wing

1- This wing has three main buildings.

2- The Roper & McLean buildings contain 41 air conditioned and heated rooms.

3-In this wing there are two halls; the first one for meetings and seminars and the other one for dining.

* Our playgrounds are spacious and overlook attractive views of the mountains of Ajloun.

The South Wing
The East Wing

1- This wing has three main buildings.

2- The Graham & Ashkar buildings contain 42 beds.

3- In this wing there are two meeting rooms. The first one is for seminars which accommodate up to 45 people. The other room can accommodate a u-shaped meeting up to 17 people.

This wing has a marvelous garden suitable for prayer and meditation.

The East Wing
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