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Food @ ABC

Food at our Center is tasty and prepared by a number of skilled chefs. Their love for people and their desire to offer the best ensures the high quality of all our services.

For those who wish to reserve the North Wing, they can choose their preferred menu, either regular or deluxe. As for the guests in the East Wing or South Wing, there is a list of their own choices. Click here to review the list of meals. The Center is flexible and works to meet the needs of its guests by providing menus to choose from for reasonable prices.

Guests wishing to dine in the Center need to make a prior arrangement with the management.

Our professional chefs are skilled to prepare many seasonal cuisines, which guests can purchase in the Center directly or order in advance.


Meetings @ ABC
  • Ajloun Center has many halls that can be used for different types of meetings.

  • The North wing has a piano.

  • All the meeting halls contain sound systems, air conditioners, and heaters for use as needed.

The beauty of the place, as well as the great resources, make the Ajloun Baptist Center an excellent choice for all kinds of meetings. 

We assure you that the educational process, teaching, or coaching, is more fun, beneficial, and enjoyable at our Center. 

We can arrange for space to accommodate a larger number of people, especially during summer and spring.

Based on many personal testimonies, Ajloun Baptist Center is the best choice for all types of meetings.

Joy @ ABC

A Christian shared: “It is a gift from God to Jordan. We wish to keep this place a blessing from God for old and young alike.  This is why it is our passion to prepare this place to embrace all activities and needs to the best of our ability.

“May my meditation be pleasing to Him, as I rejoice in the Lord” Psalm 104:34

Praise and worship has a different atmosphere on the grounds of the Ajloun Baptist Center. Nature is a charm and spiritual growth is in the air.  It is a great opportunity for prayers to be lifted and to be absorbed in His presence.

With 75 years of great History and witnessing the Holy Spirit in action, God is still speaking and changing people’s lives.

We do pray to keep this place a blessing to all people, believers and non-believers. So, why not be a part of the Ajloun Baptist Center where rich blessings are poured out upon those who seek Him?

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